Will you be my Soil-mate?


*Opt for self-collection or walk-in to purchase for an additional set of paint tubes free of charge.*


This Valentine's Day, we’ve partnered up with local small batch ceramist, @rousong.ware, to put together a gift set for the artsy-aesthetic-Pinterest-neutral tones-tote bag holding-golden hour-coffee sipping couple.



- A new plant baby in a one-of-a-kind rousong.ware planter

- 2 tote bags (12.5" x 13.5", 300GSM)

- 2 corrugated boards + 10 binder clips to secure your bag

- 2 sets of 5 brushes

- 1 set of 12 acrylic paint tubes

- 1 collapsible water bucket

- Disposable paper palette sheets


All deliveries will be made on 14th February between 5pm to 9pm.